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Fockedeygroup, a family company with a story.

The name Fockedey has been synonymous with a passion for cars for over 60 years.

Grandfather Roger Fockedey started an exclusive Citroën concession in 1955. It would mark the beginning of a generational love for this revolutionary and progressive French brand.

The models Traction Avant, ID-DS, SM, GS Deux Chevaux etc, but especially the iconic Van HY & the legendary Citroën trucks, found several buyers.

Already in this period the anchored passion for vintage cars also arose. Brands such as Borgward (Isabella), Morgan, Bentley, Alvis, Berliet, Pandhard and Levassor, MG, Unic, Delage and many other historical car brands have passed by on a regular basis.

Following the example of his parents and with as much passion , Francis Fockedey opened his own Citroën dealership in 1984, together with his wife Susy Van Houdt. Over the years, the current Fockedeygroup became well known in the market of special company cars. The love for old-timers was passed on from father to son. In the collection, car models and brands such as Citroën, Minerva, Unic, Buick and old trucks shine ... with a clear nod to pre-war car models.

Fockedey Historiek
Fockedey Historie

In the year 2018, Fockedeygroup continues to focus enthusiastic on old-timers.

As an experienced expert, they will gladly assist you in any way (mediation, valuation and expertise), purchase, sale, maintenance and expert repair work carried out in accordance with the artisanal rules of your beloved classic car.

The French car brand Citroën has always had an important place in the family history. Being open to new business opportunities led to a commercial collaboration between Fockedeygroup and the Italian Automobili Caselani with Fabrizio Caselani at the head. The latter is together with David Obendorfer, the inventor of TYPE H. This is a kit that allows to turn any existing Citroën Jumper into a modern version of the nostalgic HY model from Citroën.

It is with much pride that we can inform you that Fockedeygroup has become a distributor of this conversion kit for Northern Europe. Through professional cooperation with other recognised and local partners, they offer a complete solution for any desired Type H project.


Rental and renting formulas with TYPE H are also negotiable. Do you have a nice idea for a short or long term? Fockedeygroup is your partner.

Because of their long tradition and experience, Fockedeygroup is a qualitative and reputable partner for every CLASSIC CAR or TYPE H project. Customer is king here, where all possibilities are negotiable, always tailored and to your personal needs and wishes.

Because Fockedeygroup represents:

  • Impeccable service
  • Many years of expertise
  • Artisan technical knowledge
  • High-quality assembly and materials
  • Collaboration with recognised professional partners
  • Range of different Type H models
  • Overall realisation

And as the baseline “THE PAST. OUR FUTURE” describes it so beautifully, Fockedeygroup is open for the future with respect and attention for the past. Which is the clear vision of this family business.

Fockedeygroup: THE partner for your future project.

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